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Keeping up with the transformation of the art world and cyberspace advancements has been a stimulating challenge for the past 35 years in the gallery business. After all… I opened in 1985 - the early years of the internet?!

However, being a luddite, a woman who loves paper, archives, and documents, the value of an original website with years of exhibitions and thoughts remains an important resource. Thanks to many talented interns and professionals, is a source of past exhibits, events, and writings. Thus, we keep active our original website.

Feel free to explore knowing that many of the artworks on the original website are no longer available and residing in comfortable homes far and wide.

A special thanks to Danny and Ulana Chapman, who developed the original Bert Gallery site, their close artist friend Curt Confer who introduced me to this dynamic couple, to Kathy Hodge, an artist and part-time computer tech who manages the archival site, and to Peggy Lo, the patient developer of

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