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Charles Walter Stetson

Charles Walter Stetson was born in 1858 in Tiverton, RI. Entirely self -taught Stetson became a successful artist garnering several museum exhibitions. He had studios located in Rhode Island, California, and Rome, Italy. Eventually, Stetson moved to Rome where he lived for many years before he died there in 1911.

Stetson had an interest in promoting the arts in Providence. Along with Stetson artists, such as, George Whitaker and Edward Bannister founded the Providence Art Club. The club was devoted to the promotion of contemporary arts in Providence. Stylistically the Barbizon School had a definite effect on Stetson's early work, but he soon moved away from earth tones toward the use of vibrant colors.

In making the decision to use a more colorful palette Stetson hoped his landscapes would become a spiritual experience. Although, Stetson's style differed from his fellow artists he continued to paint mystical and romantic landscape scenes. In his lifetime he achieved recognition as an innovative and significant American painter.

Charles Walter Stetson
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