Sydney Richmond Burleigh

(1853 - 1931)

The Art Worker’s Guild and the Arts Crafts and Movement

Bert Gallery Exhibit: June – August 2008

Rhode Island native Sydney Burleigh continues to intrigue us decades later after a successful local art career and his pioneer achievements in the American Arts and Crafts movement. This podcast is based upon the research by Catherine Little Bert for the exhibit that explored Burleigh’s manifestation of the movement in Rhode Island from the construction of his Fleur de Lys Studio on Thomas Street in Providence to his coterie of artists in the Art Workers Guild.

Podcast 1

Overview of SR Burleigh and the Arts and Crafts Movement and European Study 1878 – 1880, Encounters with the Arts and Crafts Movement. | Download part 1

Podcast 2

Sydney Richmond Burleigh: Master Watercolorist and the Providence Water Color Club 1896. | Download part 2