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“Rebecca” what visual does it evoke?

I just finished reading the DuMaurier psychological thriller Rebecca. The author described the plot in 1937 as..”a sinister tale about a woman who marries a widower….Psychological and rather macabre.”

It bring to mind this portrait on view at Bert Gallery “Woman in the Mirror” attributed to Marion Boyd Allen 1862 – 1941.

A similar sense of foreboding, fear and mystery!

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3 Ways to look at….Dunes

3 Ways to look at… The beauty of art is how artists approach the canvas from their individual thoughtful perspective. The result is great art from different perspectives and a range of styles.

Here are three, well actually four perspectives of the same topic.

Sand Dunes: “Any accumulation of sand grains shaped into a mound or ridge by the wind under the influence of gravity.” Painting sand dunes near along the northeast shoreline often separates the amateur from the professional artist. How to paint the rich texture of what appears to be such a limited range of beige’s? Well, here are three examples of the pro’s.

Smith: technique oil in short choppy strokes to create dimension and texture on board.

Arthur Diehl: technique fluid brush strokes, very painterly integration of color

Gordon Harris: choice of pastel to layer for the rich texture effect, very soft and inviting.

Frank Vining Smith, sll  Dunes  Oil on Board 14” x 20”                         $750.

Arthur Diehl (1870 -1929) Dune Scene  Oil on canvas 8” x 12”               $1750.

Gordon Harris (1891 – 1963) Dunes – Cape Pastel  11” x 14”                     $500.

Gordon Harris (1891 – 1963) Sunset Dunes Oil on Canvas 8” x 10”             $500.

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Nancy Prophet talk on November 30th

Nancy Elizabeth Prophet is one of the important Rhode Island artists long forgotten. In 2014 I did a lecture on the artist at the Providence Athenaeum. This year, the lecture has been dusted off for another presentation at the “Stage of Freedom” venue in downtown Providence. Seating is very limited but the event is free so sign up and find out more on Nancy Elizabeth Prophet.

Historic Artist Lecture: Struggle, Strength and Dignity, Nancy Elizabeth Prophet (1890 – 1960)  by Catherine Little Bert

Thursday, November 30 @ 5:30 pm
Stages of Freedom 10 Westminister Street in downtown Providence
Registration required for this free event, call for details.

There were many obstacles for artists in America in the early 20th century but for an African American and a woman the challenges were momentous. Nancy Elizabeth Prophet (1890 – 1960) did not balk at discrimination and societal mores, she confronted them directly across all fronts – art training, European study, exhibition opportunities, awards and employment. These accomplishments did not come without great personal pain, sacrifice and isolation but the Rhode Island artist persevered and created some of the most remarkable sculpture in the early 20th Century documenting her legacy as an African American and as a woman.

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tips for purchasing art for your collection


Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas! We are all preparing for the
Fall and Winter holiday seasons. Getting organized for all of the festivities, I found this vintage article in Rhode Island Monthly about art collecting.

The opening intro…

“Deck the Walls…Bare walls be gone. Local gallery owners share their secrets on creating a museum-worthy (and budget friendly) collection at home.”

A timeless article about what to think about when buying art.

Just click on the following link!




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The talented Sydney Burleigh (1853 – 1931)

It was so nice to speak before the Arts and Crafts conference at the Providence Art Club on September 15th on Sydney Burleigh and the Arts Worker’s Guild.

Nothing like a deadline to re-install Bert Gallery with new paintings for “The Providence School: Reimagining American Art” exhibition.

Call for an appointment to visit the exhibit with four Burleigh watercolors and lots more.

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