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Where Are They Now? Michael Rose

Where are they now?
Complete Interview with Michael Rose, Gallery Coordinator at the Providence Art Club and 2013 Art History graduate.

What was your most unexpected learning experience during your time at Bert Gallery?
Finding the value in connoisseurship. I worked on an online exhibit of pieces by Margaret Bittkow-Koehler ( and the internship essentially began with Cathy and I going through the body of work and selecting pieces to include or exclude. It seems like a simple procedure, but Cathy gave me a lot of valuable input on what she felt were the most important pieces to include. This gave me a real sense of how a gallery professional evaluates historic artwork.

2J (1)
Margaret Bittkow-Koehler “Potedaria Plant”, ca. 1958 Watercolor 17.75″ x 11.75″

How did this internship impact your decisions in the art world?
Throughout college and even in high school I knew I wanted to work in the arts in some capacity, but my experience with Cathy helped me to flesh out what kind of opportunities existed in the world. Working alongside Cathy made the field of gallery work seem much more approachable and understandable than it would have been had I not participated in the internship. I would credit the internship as a large part of why I have my current position as a gallery coordinator.

What were your favorite and your least favorite part of the internship?
I think that in the moment, my favorite part was the most obvious. It was working with the objects and putting together the conceptual aspects of the online exhibition. At the time, the part of the internship I appreciated least was probably the more “behind-the-scenes” type of work such as entering things into Filemaker, photographing pieces, or measuring artworks for matting and framing. But in hindsight I’ve found that my job as a gallery professional now is pretty reflective of my time working with Cathy. It’s equal parts fun and administrative.

If asked to share a piece of advice with a current PC art or art history major, what would you say?
Don’t underestimate the power of networking. I have been offered some odd jobs and seemingly strange opportunities like volunteering for the Art League, or consulting for WaterFire, and taking advantage of everything that came my way has been a huge help in building my resume quickly. I know it can be hard to take an unpaid internship or difficult to find the time to make these professional connections, but at the end of the day getting a job is really all about who you know. I know that I was offered my current job based largely on my professional network and references.

In the next five years, Michael intends to deepen, enrich, and continue his career at the Art Club. He is also interested in working as an independent art consultant and obtaining an appraisal studies certificate.




Cathy @ 3:00 pm

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Odds and Ends: New Inventory

Hudson River School painting just arrived at gallery. Unsigned possibly S.L. Gerry from Boston. Has so much of the charm of an early American narrative. Love the photographer on the hill and the little afternoon picnic by the American flag below him.


Cathy @ 5:37 am

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Eliza Gardiner 1871-1955 “Grand dame of RISD”


Eliza Gardiner (1871 – 1955) was a favorite among art students at RISD.  This drawing by Ruth Forrest in the 1940’s is a fond illustration of Gardiner with fellow faculty member Stephen MaComber.  Gardiner, a graduate of RISD in 1897, was a pioneer in American woodblock printmaking along side the Provincetown printmakers.  Her most important work is – Among the Poppies.

33. Gardiner.AmongthePoppies

Cathy @ 5:40 am

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9 Reasons to Buy a Painting #5

Paintings are handmade.  Like handmade knits, hand-thrown pottery and handcrafted furniture, paitnings show the hand of the maker.  This quality brings richness and personality to the home – factory-made furniture and slickly printed posters simply cannot compete.  Laura Gaskell, Nov, 2014


10. Martin.Patches

Edna Martin – Patches – $250.

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9 Reasons to Buy a Painting #4

17. Mathewson.Kent

Paintings are one of a kind. There’s something satisfying about having a piece of unique artwork in your home.

Image: F.C. Mathewson, Kent, Ct, 1920’s.

Cathy @ 1:57 pm

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