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The unsigned painting?

The unsigned painting? Sometimes you see such a horrible painting you wish the artist did not sign it. Then you come across a gem like this wooden fishing craft beached near summer cottages and think – why did the artist not sign this? The mystery…it is on board maybe they were painting on location and when they got back to the studio forgot to sign? Did they not think it worthy? Only a sketch? We will never know….

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Grande Paintings: Lessons from Cezanne

Still life was once considered the lowliest genre of the day but Cezanne found it a great subject.      He commented that “Painting from nature is not copying the object it is realizing one’s sensations.”

See beautful examples of Cezanne’s work in all the major museums such as the Hermitage and MoMA.

RISD painter Gordon Peers was uncomfortable with the emergence of abstract expressionism during his artistic career spanning from the 1940’s. He gravitated toward the European modernists, especially Paul Cezanne.

Peer’s still life radiates the lessons that Cezanne placed before their viewers – forms as geometric essentials – the cone, the cube and layers of color on these shapes to build up surfaces.

Peers became masterful integrating his training with European modernist thoughts.

Grande Paintings on view thru March 12th.

Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5.

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Windows: Guilt Free Collection

We just have opened our “Guilt Free Collection” windows at Bert Gallery. You will find all sorts of odds and ends from estates – etchings, watercolors and more. Check out in person or look for website postings.

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Art Market: Max Mays abroad

Max was an avid traveller. This charming oil on canvas is from a trip to the Clovelly England – The Smuggler’s Inn. A long narrative by Max accompanies the painting.  Mays was a popular Rhode Island artist known for his folk art renderings of historical Providence, New England and travels abroad.  He was a lifelong member of the Providence Art Club.

Smuggler’s Inn
Oil on Canvas 26″ x 24″
Provenance and Condition: From the estate of a private collection. There is some discoloration of the varnish – needs a cleaning and re-varnish.
Priced at $2,800.

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Where Are They Now? Allison Hermann

Where are they now?
Interview with Allison Hermann, a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse and an Art History major from PC’s class of 2007.

Help us catch up! In a few sentences, summarize your most noteworthy experiences, career-oriented or other, since graduation and until now.
While I was at PC, if you had asked me about working in healthcare, I would have told you that I had absolutely no interest. But, my dad was being treated for cancer, and after graduation, I was spending a decent amount of time in a healthcare setting. I found myself drawn to that environment, and started working as a patient liaison & clinical coordinator. Shortly after that, I realized I really wanted to be a nurse. It was a long transition, but even if I could do it again, I’d still major in art history first. (more…)

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