Discover RI artist E. Corbridge in Minnesota

Discover RI artist E. Corbridge in Minnesota

Edgar Corbridge (1901 – 1988) ” Coal Yard” , 1950 at the
Hillstrom Museum of Art in Minnesota

Edgar Corbridge(1901 – 1988) is in the collection of the Hillstrom Museum of Art and also included in the Fall exhibition,  Industry, Work, Society, and Travails in the Depression Era: American Paintings and Photographs from the Shogren-Meyer Collection. 

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Edgar Corbridge has been a long time favorite of Bert Gallery. So nice to be recently contacted by the Hillstrom Museum of Art for biographical information on the new artist in their collection.

Some information on Corbridge:
While showing at the Margaret Brown Gallery in Boston, a critic drew a comparison between Corbridge and the most notable Precisionist, Charles Sheeler: “Corbridge at first seems a disciple of Sheeler…but, although the Massachusetts painter also stresses simplification…he also reveals more feeling than Sheeler, a more poetic use of delicate color tints, a warmer affinity to natural things which ought to look that way in a perfect world.”

In the 1940s his painting career gained recognition while he exhibited at several venues such as the Newport Art Association, the Providence Art Club, The Rhode Island School of Design Museum, the Corcoran Gallery in Washington DC, and other galleries.


Corbridge work in the Bert Gallery Collection: