J.M. Whistler Etching Master

J.M. Whistler Etching Master

If you missed seeing it this summer, a fine example of the etching master James Whistler is at the Bert Gallery.

James Abbott MacNeil Whistler (1834 – 1903)
The Little Putney
This print was de-accessioned from the Confederation Center Art Gallery and Museum in 1998

With Whistler we come to the greatest name in etching in modern times. For his earliest plates, the so-called French Set, his genius is apparent. His sense of arrangement and design, distinguished in his early etchings, was further emphasized in the later Venetian plates in which he evolved so much beauty in the fewest possible lines.

For Whistler fans there is an excellent exhibit you should know about at the Knoxville Museum of Art

“Whistler and Company: the Etching Revival”

Whistler & Company: The Etching Revival

“Whistler was a talented printmaker. The exhibition Whistler & Company examines the artist’s influential role in the etching revival of the 19th and early 20th centuries. This revival took hold in France, England and the United States. Artists set out to reestablish etching—the art of incising lines with an etching needle into a thin copper plate which was then inked and pressed into paper with the help of a printing press to create impressions—as an art form that could stand on its own. Inspired by Rembrandt, and the old masters, practitioners created remarkable original and expressive compositions that gained popularity with refined collectors and the broader public.”