Hays: Gouache watercolors of Grazing Cows

Hays: Gouache watercolors of Grazing Cows

George Arthur Hays (1854 -1945)

Two Cow at Pond, gouache 12″ x 16″, $600.

George A Hays was born in Greenville New Hampshire on November 23, 1854 and died in Providence Rhode Island on April 15, 1945. From early on he studied the forms of horses, cattle and sheep at his family home in New Hampshire. He developed the ability to take a blank sheet of paper and cut out perfectly rendered animal forms this impressed many onlookers and George would offer them to visitors after signing them, “G.A. Hays.” His early study of New Hampshire animals and landscape lead him to deal mostly with this subject matter in his painting. His style was greatly influenced by the impressionist school and as H.A. Dyer remarked “His pictures have abundant realism couple with fine artistic feeling.”

He moved to Providence in 1869 and spent the next 75 years of his life painting prolifically. His works were widely collected; some art dealers even advised him to limit the number of painting she produced in a year. Few of his paintings were painted on site; rather, he evoked the memories of his childhood in New Hampshire to serves and the influence in his works. In 1880 he became on of the first members of the Providence Art Club and had his first show there in 1883. Animal painting was a popular subject matter in Europe at this time due to Rosa Bonheur and others but Hays helped to popularize this genre in the States.

Hays enjoyed a successful career in the arts. Some of his works presently hang in the Lambs Club and Raydon Gallery in New York, Shasta State historical monument in California and at the Art Museum of Roger Williams park and Providence Art Club in Rhode Island.


Cows in Spring, gouache 12″x 16″, $600.

Cows Grazing on the Hill, gouache 12″ x 16″, $600.