American Art Market Rocks…

American Art Market Rocks…

November is the month for American art auction sales in New York and wow they are off to a great start. Edward Hopper’s Chop Suey just sold for close to 92 million at Christies.

Check out the painting details in this video:

American art starting to get noticed within the global context.

What does it mean for the Providence school? Plenty.  The quality and exhibit history of Providence painters like Edgar Corbridge (1901 – 1988) speak to collectors who can assemble a high quality and affordable American Art collection with Providence painters.

Take a look!

Edgar Corbridge (1901 – 1988)
Watercolor of  Yellow Barrels in Provincetown for $850.

One special mark of distinction for Corbridge was his inclusion in the 1941 RISD exhibit in with jurors:

Charles Cunningham, Assistant Curator of Painting, Boston Museum , Nicholas Jeon, School of Boston Museum of Art, Sculptor, Walter R. MacCormack, School of Architecture, MIT, Dean.

A very nice mark of distinction.