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Winter Exhibition Attic Sale 2


Bert Gallery loves to clean closets! In the spirit of the end of the year clean up we reviewed inventory in the storage room and assisted some of our favorite clients slim down their collection. No more paintings under the bed and piled in the attic, they are now in the Attic Sale.

    1. John Laughlin Duck Hunter
Watercolor   6″ x 10″      $100. SOLD  From the Tom Sgorous collection


     2. Al Albrekson Rough Waters                                                                                                                       Watercolor 5″ x 8″   $100. SALE $75.               From the Tom Sgorous collection

From the personal collection of Thomas Sgorous (1927 – 2012)

Thomas Sgouros’ career spanned over 56 years, as a renowned illustrator and a distinguished painter of sublime watercolors and still life canvases in his later career.  Sgouros was a Professor Emeritus of the Rhode Island School of Design and recipient of numerous prestigious awards, including the Pell Award for Excellence in the Arts. Currently his work is handled by Cade Tompkins Projects in Providence.

For those who got to know Tom personally he was a very gentle, thoughtful and productive artist. His passion for his art remained consistent throughout his whole life. As with most artists Tom collected an assortment of artworks throughout his lifetime from friends and colleagues. Bert Gallery is pleased to have a number of those works for sale during the Winter Exhibition. His family wanted to place these works into the collection of other art appreciators in the community to cherish and enjoy the same way they did as children growing up surrounded by Tom’s favorites.

“One could argue that the tip of the Cape Cod peninsula has been a haven for mavericks and eccentrics since the Pilgrims dropped anchor here in 1620. In any event, for much of the 20th century, the town was a summer home to many of America’s leading artists and intellectuals—from writers Tennessee Williams, Eugene O’Neill, John Dos Passos, and Norman Mailer (Provincetown’s most famous living scribe, along with Hours author Michael Cunningham) to painters Mark Rothko, Robert Motherwell, Helen Frankenthaler, Franz Kline, and Hans Hofmann. Yet the town’s coming of age as a bohemian retreat on the sea owed as much to its lesser-known creative figures as to its world-renowned ones.”
Travel & Leisure 2005

3. Rose Basile     Provincetown Cottage
Oil on Board 18” x 14”                $300. SALE $200.

4. Rose Basile           Thaloson, 1994
Oil on Board 10” x 14”                 $300. SALE $200.

Rose Basile is originally from Newark, NJ. College days were at Boston University for her undergraduate degree and she later returned to Boston University on a fellowship for her Masters in Education and Psychology. Upon graduation she taught in the public schools of Rhode Island, the Newton school system and also at Rhode Island College in Providence.

After 20 years of teaching she moved to Chatham in the late 1910’s where she owned and managed her own rental properties. Art has always been important and a strong influence in her life, since three generations of women were in the art world: in fabric design, art education and her favorite Aunt Jennie, a New Jersey folk artist Rose started watercolor painting in her high school days and from then on always attended one or two workshops a year. The most important step was taken when she attended evening classes at the Boston Museum School. At the same time, she was teaching in the Newton school system and later attended a summer art workshop at Haystack, in Maine.

In 1999 Rose moved to Provincetown and began studying art, immersing herself in the local art world and taking oil painting classes at the Provincetown Art Association & Museum (PAAM).

5. Eliza Gardiner (1871 – 1955)     Provincetown Street
Etching  $150.  SOLD

6. Heather Bruce      High Head Road Gray   Julie Heller Gallery
Oil on Board 6” x 6”                $300. SALE $200.

Heather Bruce was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1957. She received her BFA at the San Francisco Art Institute, and she later studied with Henry Hensche in Provincetown.
2015 New Paintings, Julie Heller East – Provincetown, MA
2012 New Paintings, Julie Heller East – Provincetown, MA
2010 New Paintings, Julie Heller East – Provincetown, MA
2008 Recent Paintings, Julie Heller Gallery – Provincetown, MA
2003 Water Studies, Julie Heller Gallery – Provincetown, MA
2001-2002 Boathouse Gallery – Provincetown, MA
1996 Gallery 349 – Provincetown, MA
1990, 1992 Julie Heller Gallery – Provincetown, MA
1990 Stanford University, Stanford Art Spaces – Palo Alto, CA
1987 San Francisco State University, University Art Gallery –
San Francisco, CA
1987 Goethe Institute – San Francisco, CA
2013 Encaustic, Julie Heller East – Provincetown, MA
2010 I Remember, Julie Heller East – Provincetown, MA
2008 Blue, PAAM – Provincetown, MA
2006 Black and White, PAAM – Provincetown, MA
2005 Group Exhibition, Julie Heller Gallery – Provincetown, MA
2004 Masterworks of Modernism, Fine Arts Work Center – Provincetown, MA
2003 Members Juried, PAAM – Provincetown, MA
2001 A Century of Printmaking in Provincetown, Julie Heller Gallery –
Provincetown, MA
1996 Nothing Matters…, Refusalon – San Francisco, CA
1995 1995 Impressionists; The Medium Extended,Pro Arts – Oakland, CA
1995 Images and Objects, ACCI Gallery – Berkeley, CA
1990 Art LA/90, International Contemporary Art Fair, represented by Barclay
Simpson Fine Arts Gallery – Lafayette, CA
1990 Studies of Light and Form, Wholfarth Gallery Washington DC
1990 Works on Paper ’90, Koret Gallery – Palo Alto, CA
1988 Overview – Annual Alumni Exhibition, San Francisco Art Institute,
Emanuel Walter & McBean Galleries – San Francisco, CA
1986 Fourth Annual Prize Competition, PAAM, Provincetown, MA
Civic Bank of Commerce, Oakland, CA
Bank of Walnut Creek, CA

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