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Reboot your eye for art…We live in a culture of mass production and “sameness” yet we are all unique individuals with different tastes. So for the art collector we must be careful to challenge our eye – think about different approaches.

What is Modernism and how did it transform the American Art Scene? Well, there are books written on the introduction of European moderns to American painters and audiences in the 1913 Armory show and from that time forward the art world was in flux, realist academic painting challenged with the new urban realism of America and the new perspectives of European artists.It is interesting to look at artists such as James Herbert and see how he straddled this fluid art world.

The “Flag Dance” series clearly places James Herbert in the 20th century tradition of figurative American painting. Herbert throughout his youth was surrounded by New York’s throbbing urban reality with its dense and diversified populace. As a student of Kenneth Hayes Miller and a classmate of Reginald Marsh at the New York Arts Student League, Herbert honed his skill for figurative drawing and evidenced a fascination with stage “performers” rather than the local neighbors that attracted his artist colleagues. New York City showgirls and theatrical performers assimilate into his imagery of French inspired Napoleonic and court dancers. Courtesy Mary Tinti , PhD

James D. Herbert, Flag Dance #1, Oil on canvas 16” x 20” , $4,000.

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