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A must for your art life…modernism

During the first five years of my art business in the 1980’s one of the most revealing insights was that the gallerist and the client are partners in search of the right painting, the right artist, the right style for their home.

This search involves not just the painting but the resource library of old catalogues, old photographs or letters and best exhibitions to see. Clients share their “finds” with me often and now I pass them onto you.

If you love an artist, find out all you can about them and collect all the documents and see related exhibits!

This weeks suggestions: The Armory show in 1913 caused such a cataclysmic shift in the art world paving the way for the Modernists. It is such a fascinating time period with so many great art personalities.

To Keep Art Alive: The Effort of Kenneth Hayes Miller, American Painter (1876 – 1952)
By Lincoln Rothschild
Published by Art Alliance Press
Abebooks $10.24

The Story of the Armory Show
By Milton W. Brown

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