A must for your art life!…middle class providence

A must for your art life!…middle class providence

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Eden of America: Rhode Island Landscapes 1820 – 1920,

By Robert Workman

A remarkable exhibit and catalogue from the 1980’s, curated by Robert Workman at RISD explored the great American landscape.

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Middle Class Providence, 1820 – 1940

By John S. Gilkeson

With the tax plan all the buzz in Washington, DC with an emphasis on the benefits to the Middle Class – there is an outstanding book about the development of the middle class in Rhode Island. This book is a must for all to understand the development of the rich texture and communities in a budding urban environment.

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American Paintings in the Rhode Island Historical Society

By Frank Goodyear

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Inventories and catalogues of collections are very time consuming and expensive let alone a bit tedious. Therefore, great inventories – even if they are “outdated” are still remarkably valuable. A must for your library is the inventory collection of the Rhode Island Historical society by Goodyear.


During the first five years of the art business one of the most revealing insights was that the gallerist and the client are partners in search of the right painting, the right artist, the right style for their home. This search involves not just the painting but the resource library of old catalogues, old photographs or letters. If you love an artist, find out all you can about them and collect all the documents share their story. A favorite haunt to find these materials is Abe Books and I hope you enjoy my recommendations for your library this week.