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A Must for your art life… aesthetics

During the first five years of the art business one of the most revealing insights was that the gallerist and the client are partners in search of the right painting, the right artist, the right style for their home. This search involves not just the painting but the resource library of old catalogues, old photographs or letters. If you love an artist, find out all you can about them and collect all the documents share their story. A favorite haunt to find these materials is Abe Books and my recommendations for your library this week of RI artists are:

In Pursuit of Beauty, Americans and the Aesthetic Movement, 1986                   Catlaogue from the Metropolitan Museum of art                                                                        

By Doreen Bolger Burke, $15.17

Florence Leif (1913 – 1968) Becoming Modern,

by Bert Gallery, $32 soft cover

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