Trending Now…Winter Scenes

Trending Now…Winter Scenes

Trending Now: The art world is not unlike the fashion world – giant marketing efforts by auction houses lead the way to create demand for various types of art. It is always fun to look at what is trending in the auction, art fair and gallery markets.

Winter Scenes: Funny how we in the Northeast have a love- hate relationship with winter. Love it during the holiday season and first snow but after that (unless you are a skier) forget about it!

Artists have painted winter scenes since the 13th century but it was the French Impressionists with their love of plein-air painting, light, texture and nature that popularized the subject matter even more among their colleagues. Take a look at a few winter scenes on view in the winter exhibition.

Harold Breul (1889 – 1965)  Winter Sleigh Ride   Oil on Paper 13” x 11”                                    $ 650. SALE $575.

Stowell Sherman (1886 – 1973), Hauling Wood, Oil on Board 24” x 20”                                     $ 500. SALE $400.

Grace Albee (1890 – 1995) Post Box Engraving 4” x 3”                                                                $350.