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Reboot your eye for art


Salvatore Dahli was part of a cultural movement in the 1920’s known as the Surrealists characterized as unlocking images of the unconscious exploring worlds of sexuality, desire, and violence. Often times my sense is that it presents itself as a distorted reality much like our dreams. In Rhode Island Gordon Peers (1909 -1988), Florence Leif (1913 – 1968) and Louise Marianetti (1916 -2009) experimented in a surreal manner more like a “super real” style so detailed it appears a twisted take on the real world.

These three artists only did paintings like this in the 1940’s as they transitioned from classic academic realist art to their own personal style. My favorite example of this “super real” is by Gordon Peers – “Painters Beach Still Life”. Note all the detail on the objects, the suspended composition, the “trick the eye” properties.

Cathy @ 4:26 pm

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