3 Ways to look at….Dunes

3 Ways to look at….Dunes

3 Ways to look at… The beauty of art is how artists approach the canvas from their individual thoughtful perspective. The result is great art from different perspectives and a range of styles.

Here are three, well actually four perspectives of the same topic.

Sand Dunes: “Any accumulation of sand grains shaped into a mound or ridge by the wind under the influence of gravity.” Painting sand dunes near along the northeast shoreline often separates the amateur from the professional artist. How to paint the rich texture of what appears to be such a limited range of beige’s? Well, here are three examples of the pro’s.

Smith: technique oil in short choppy strokes to create dimension and texture on board.

Arthur Diehl: technique fluid brush strokes, very painterly integration of color

Gordon Harris: choice of pastel to layer for the rich texture effect, very soft and inviting.


Arthur Diehl (1870 -1929) Dune Scene  Oil on canvas 8” x 12”               $1750.

Gordon Harris (1891 – 1963) Dunes – Cape Pastel  11” x 14”                     $500.

Gordon Harris (1891 – 1963) Sunset Dunes Oil on Canvas 8” x 10”             $500.