Grande Paintings: Lessons from Cezanne

Grande Paintings: Lessons from Cezanne

Still life was once considered the lowliest genre of the day but Cezanne found it a great subject.      He commented that “Painting from nature is not copying the object it is realizing one’s sensations.”

See beautful examples of Cezanne’s work in all the major museums such as the Hermitage and MoMA.

RISD painter Gordon Peers was uncomfortable with the emergence of abstract expressionism during his artistic career spanning from the 1940’s. He gravitated toward the European modernists, especially Paul Cezanne.

Peer’s still life radiates the lessons that Cezanne placed before their viewers – forms as geometric essentials – the cone, the cube and layers of color on these shapes to build up surfaces.

Peers became masterful integrating his training with European modernist thoughts.

Grande Paintings on view thru March 12th.

Wednesday – Saturday 12 – 5.