Where Are They Now? Allison Hermann

Where Are They Now? Allison Hermann

Where are they now?
Interview with Allison Hermann, a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse and an Art History major from PC’s class of 2007.

Help us catch up! In a few sentences, summarize your most noteworthy experiences, career-oriented or other, since graduation and until now.
While I was at PC, if you had asked me about working in healthcare, I would have told you that I had absolutely no interest. But, my dad was being treated for cancer, and after graduation, I was spending a decent amount of time in a healthcare setting. I found myself drawn to that environment, and started working as a patient liaison & clinical coordinator. Shortly after that, I realized I really wanted to be a nurse. It was a long transition, but even if I could do it again, I’d still major in art history first.

Did the Bert Gallery internship influence your  decisions afer PC?
I immediately noticed and admired how giving back to the community was so much a part of Cathy’s mission. She reinforced my need to create a role for myself that left a positive impact. I also referenced her switch from psychology major to gallery director/owner when I was first making the switch from art history major to healthcare professional.

Talk about your favorite and your least favorite part of the internship.
I loved researching the works of art, corresponding with auction houses and galleries in other states and then discussing the details with Cathy. My least favorite part of the internship was when a promising lead ended up being a dead end.

In college, who was your most admired artist or work of art? How about now?
Rothko, was and still is a favorite of mine. More recently, I’m a huge fan of El’Anatsui & Tara Donovan.

Do you have any advice for current PC students who majored in the arts?
Study, explore and throw yourself into what you love. Be open and creative about how the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired can be applied.