New Inventory: James Lewin (1836-1877)

August 22, 2017

James Lewin is an early Providence artist. He came to learn jewelry engraving at Gorham’s Company later opening a painting studio in the city sharing friendships with Thomas Robinson and Marcus Waterman.

James Lewin, attribution
Landscape with Cows at River’s Edge, 1880
Oil on Canvas 15.5″ x 30″

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Vitullo Catlogue – WOW in pdf format

August 11, 2017

Carmel Vitullo attended her opening of Oakland Beach photographs at the Warwick Museum in June.  Bert Gallery has a catalogue on Carmel Vitullo photographs created on blurb books when ordering more for the gallery we found that.Blurb now offers a pdf version. Very nice, take a look… at the pdf version by clicking on link below.



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Charles Walter Stetson (1858 – 1911)

August 7, 2017

Lot’s of New Inventory at Bert Gallery. Check out the new details on a Charles Walter Stetson (1858 – 1911) painting on view at the gallery this month of August.

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Street Chat – Federal Hill

June 11, 2017

The devil is in the details… a Vitullo moment.
What is so wonderful about a Vitullo photograph is the exquisite details. Since the first exhibit at Bert Gallery in 2004, her work has fascinated me because of the assembly of people, objects and stories captured in a black and white image.

What about ” Street Chat.” What the heck is happening on Atwells Ave in 1956?

  • Is it a payoff or just guys clowning around?
  • What is in the bag? – ravioli?
  • I bet they all have Borsalino fedoras? Aren’t they marvelous.
  • Why the heck are these dudes hanging out on a busy city corner?
  • Notice the National Bank of Providence – the days before bank mergers.


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Olana: Hudson River School Gem

May 30, 2017

Not to miss this summer, “Olana”, the homestead of the remarkable Hudson River painter Frederic Church. Not only is the collection, home and grounds inspiring but they host special exhibitions. On view the monumental outdoor sculpture by Teresita Fernandez.

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